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Press Release – For Immediate Release


John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065


Mayor Candidate John Rewald tackles Youth Violence


As a Mayoral Candidate, John Rewald was asked recently what he would do about the increasing crime in Rocky if he was elected Mayor? A very good question that askes for solutions to the behaviours of some in our society.


A brawl in a local shopping centre involving up to 20 youths, some with knives was reported this week. Another news story reported that a young man breached a domestic violence order immediately after being released from police custody. Locals have reported to me that there are gangs of kids roaming the streets at all hours of the night.


Mayoral candidate John Rewald stated that solving issues like this is complex and does not always fall into the jurisdiction of the mayor or the local council. It is important to remember that these behaviours represent a minority in the community and does not reflect the community as a whole.


However, the public does expect our leaders including the mayor and councillors to step up with solutions to issues in the local community.


As such John Rewald suggests that there are strategies that the council can put in place. Consultation is of primary importance. John Rewald is committing to holding a youth forum within the first month if elected, where young people can openly and without reprisal put forward their views, issues, and ideas. Solutions to messy problems are often found in consultation. A second community forum will be held to enable parents, businesses, and community members to express their concerns and ideas.


John Rewald emphasises the importance of engaging young people with a purpose and a pathway. He has experience in providing youth with training, work, and engagement in community events. It is important for a mayor to have experience and understanding of the issues young people face.


Engagement opportunities involving sports, arts and creativity can help young people gain a sense of belonging.


“From my travel I have noticed that there are cities that have little youth crime, no gang violence, no littering, and no graffiti. We can learn from these cities and develop social constructs to tackle the issues we face”.


John Rewald pointed out that it is not an issue that council can fix in a hurry, but it is an important issue for all members of our community. If elected mayor, John Rewald has indicated that it will become a priority for the council to handle.

For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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