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Press Release – For Immediate Release

John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065

John Rewald is available for Interview – Call 0418 793 065

John Rewald cares about the environment.

Mayor candidate John Rewald today released his environment policy.

Waterways and renewal energy are the cornerstones of this policy to make Rockhampton region world leaders in managing the environment.

The development of a solar farm and going green with electric charging stations for cars is central. It is important that we not only keep up with renewable energy, but become leaders in the field. Rockhampton is uniquely placed with city, river and farming land to utilise solar as a renewable energy source.

This includes the development of a solar farm, and solar panels on council buildings to maximise the use of solar and reduce council spending on traditional energy sources. We have the people in Rockhampton that are developing world leading technology in renewal energy, yet we are not using this technology as a community. We have the opportunity to become world leaders in renewables.

From his business experience, John Rewald has first hand knowledge of how utilising renewal energy, particularly solar can dramatically reduce costs and pay for itself in a matter of three years. As part of the policy, John Rewald will advocate for the council vehicle fleet to become electric or hybrid, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

The waterways including the Fitzroy river are central to the development of land for agricultural purposes. Irrigation will allow the development of land for more purposes, while utilising the water from Australia’s second biggest catchment area. We need to improve the way we care for our river systems.

Increased education on recycling and reusing is vital if we are to reduce waste. Promote and encourage innovation in recycling and waste reduction.

Tree planting in community areas and free native trees for households will allow our city to become green, while providing natural shade for residents.

For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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