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Press Release – For Immediate Release


John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065


John Rewald is available for Interview – Call 0418 793 065




As a former CEO, and as a small business owner, I know how important it is to balance the books, spend responsibly, invest in the future and provide an excellent customer experience.


Council received nearly $150 million from rates and levies in the last year, and another nearly $100 million in other revenue. With the $150 million in rates from ordinary people in the Rockhampton Region, it is no wonder that people are feeling the pinch when rates bills come around.


John’s Commitment to the people of Rockhampton


  1. Rates freeze for the first 12 months.

  2. Rates and Charges proposed cap to CPI for 2022 and 2023

  3. Cut in Mayor’s salary package to half for the first year.

  4. Review water charges to cost, to make it affordable for the people to grow gardens and keep lawns green. Returning Rockhampton to a green city.

  5. No Staff cuts.


Rockhampton Regional Council is a large organisation with 925 full-time equivalent staff. The organisation needs to be managed to enable efficiencies. I provide robust financial management, and recognised leadership.


People first. People are our most important asset. Having a stable and expert workforce to enable quality services and excellent customer service.


Community consultation – A committed to consultant regularly across our community on projects, services, budgets and ways to improve our region to make it a better place to eat, work and play.

For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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