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Press Release – For Immediate Release


John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065


Low Cost housing policy – your thoughts


The question was asked today if more should be done to provide more social housing, following a CQ charity having to turn away homeless people because of a housing crises gripping our region. I believe this is unacceptable.


If elected mayor of Rockhampton, I commit to doing more for our local community. I commit to dedicating council resources to provide more low cost social housing for our most needy.


John Rewald has already met with state government representatives to discuss the concept of providing multi-storey high density low cost housing in the heart of the Rockhampton city.


John stated that strong networks need to be developed between all layers of government as well as the not-for-profit community housing sector.


John Rewald believes that Rockhampton Regional Council should be fully implementing the National Plan for Affordable Housing.


All to often political figures talk about fixing issues without practical steps. From his community service and support background John argues that practical steps are required from our community leaders to solve problems, especially for the most needy in our city and region.


John says that practical steps that council will implement if he is elected to mayor are:

  • offer rates concessions to community housing organisations.

  • increase multi story high density low cost housing in Rockhampton City area.

  • work with state and federal government to secure funding for low cost housing.

  • develop local housing strategies to protect existing low-cost housing.

  • support affordable housing in land use policies.

  • encourage diverse housing forms suitable for people at different stages of their lives.

  • examine ways to use the planning system to support affordable housing.

  • identify land suitable for affordable housing.

  • contribute land for affordable housing as an equity partner, or on long leases, in developments with community housing organisations.

  • develop more efficient, transparent and equitable infrastructure funding mechanisms with the Commonwealth and state governments.


For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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