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Press Release – For Immediate Release


John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065


John Rewald – Mayor Candidate – Promises Rates Freeze.


Candidate for Mayor John Rewald today announced that if elected Mayor he will freeze rates in the next budget.


This means no increases in rates or council fees for the next twelve months.


John Rewald said “As I have been talking with people across the region, a common theme has been how hard 2020 ad been in many ways, particularly financially.


Many people had been forced on to job keeper during the COVID period, including John. He experienced firsthand the pain of being unable to trade due to COVID restrictions.


John Rewald said if he was elected that further increases in his first term will be kept to CPI increases. Many people only receive CPI pay increases. To increase rate more than this, is to rob people of their hard earnt cash.


As a rate payer, John Rewald knows the impact continual rate increases have on the family budget.


As a previous business manager John Rewald knows the importance of responsible budgeting and spending. Through improving efficiencies and spending responsibly we can provide excellent customer service. The rate freeze will provide businesses relief from the challenges created from the Co-vid virus that has seen many businesses shut down and jobs lost. It provides a time of recovery.


The rate freeze is the cornerstone of his Financial Management Policy. There are more details of the policy to be released in coming days.

For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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