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Press Release – For Immediate Release


John Rewald – Mayoral Candidate, Rockhampton Regional Council

Ph 0418 793 065


Tourism Policy


In his Mayoral Campaign, John Rewald is calling for A Fresh Start. Today he announced a fresh approach is required in the way we promote our region to tourist in Australia and across the world.


“Rockhampton is one of the best cities in the world” John Rewald said, “with opportunities and potential to pull in new areas of tourism and development”.


Tourism plays an important part of the economy across the region, with nearly 2,100 jobs. This can be grown as we promote the region as a major tourism location.


More can be done to encourage visitors across Queensland to Eat, Play and Stay. We already have some visitors from western towns. This should be supported, with the region encouraging more visitors to come.


As we attract visitors we grow the local economy, employing more people, and providing more opportunities for businesses to grow.


If elected mayor, John Rewald will work with local, state, and national sporting bodies to bring state, national and international sporting events and championships to the region. This is a huge area for growth that strengthens Rockhampton’s place on the world map.


Processes need to be easier for business, community and sporting groups to grow and work with visitors to our great region. John Rewald will work with council and business groups to reduce the red tape and improve council efficiencies.


We need to make it easier for tourists to visit, to Eat, Play and Stay in our region. An example the thousands of Grey Nomads that travel Australia should be encouraged to stay in our region. There are many picturesque locations across our region for them to visit. The average Grey Nomad couple spend $550 per week. Think of the benefits to our city, our region and for jobs if we encouraged more of Grey Nomads to stay, and to stay longer in our region. 


For a Fresh Start Vote 1  - John REWALD.

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